Animated 3D Atomic Chrome Icon

Animated 3D Atomic Chrome Icon
Submitted April 21, 2009 by Spippy
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Ooooh your hair is beautiful oh oh tonight... atomic!
An animation icon that looks like an atom.
Set the time to 10ms, it looks cool when it goes fast.

This is how the animated icons works:

Enjoy and leave my some comments, thanx.

If your icons disappear when you restart your PC, this is the solution:

At all with Vista/7 I contact PolyVector and get this answer:

This is due to Vista/7 security not letting RD write the docklet settings to Program Files. A quick fix would be to install RocketDock outside of "Program Files" like in C:\RocketDock...

So I close my Rocked Dock and I move the RD folder from the Programfolder to C:\ -and it work.I make a new start and all my configure are not deleted.. :-)

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's Avatarbbtalent (April 29, 2011):

Thanks!!! ^^

's AvatarThomas Duroy Bel Ami (October 8, 2010):

Spippy!!! You are my hero!!!

's Avatarprince dastan (May 18, 2010):
Yeah it keeps making me download that globe thingy

's Avatarprince dastan (May 18, 2010):

That damn URL keeps gpoing to that dumb Globe icon...
Where do I get this chrome thingy?

's AvatarChilli8732 (August 15, 2009):

finally got it to work.. excellent. thanks for the extra cool stuff.!!

's AvatarHomer_Hudson (August 6, 2009):

A stunning piece of work sir! I congratulate you and thank you for it, and take my hat of to you... :)

's Avatarfred.192000 (May 26, 2009):

How it's work with my rocket the clue........

's Avatarsarahlight (May 9, 2009):

Please renew that link I don't know how to do the icons... Please =]

's Avatarsarcastically.innocent (May 3, 2009):

absolutely superb......
i know they are 2 different docklets but is there some way to use an animated icon for a stack????

's AvatarOne.Day.As.A.Lion (May 2, 2009):

Yes, please someone upload an archive of their animated docklet directory... it would be awesome :)

's Avatarandyvasile (April 30, 2009):

the link is dead.. does anybody has the docklet for animated icons?

's AvatarHiqutipie (April 28, 2009):

Super cool...5311 kink is dead...

's Avatarcote (April 23, 2009):

gracias vamos a probar

's AvatarKagusta (April 22, 2009):

realy nice one!!! gr8 job

and how did you did it? Photoshop?

's Avatarthetomas (April 22, 2009):

very nice ;)