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pic slide show

pic slide show
Submitted September 5, 2008 by curtis101187
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its a pic slide show put as many pics as you want and they change to w.e speed you put it at

Created by by KateKat

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's AvatarWallyboo (October 22, 2008):

hmm, i don't get it :p. ive downloaded it and puted it in docklets after that i choosed it and after that browed to chossed my pictures, but still there is only one picture why?

's Avatarfrankll (September 29, 2008):

5 stars for the original docklet by KateKat:

's Avatarnetomx (September 10, 2008):

you're lazy :P

My pics are from a 12.2MP camera, imagina copying again my pics... and if I download more, I need to copy them again

Well, if you can do it, i'll wait for it :)

's Avatarcurtis101187 (September 9, 2008):

the only thing u have to do is make a new folder and put the pics u want the slide show u show and u put that folder as the slide show folder

's Avatarnetomx (September 9, 2008):

And if you click on the pic, the default pic manager will open it....

just suggestions

's Avatarnetomx (September 8, 2008):

But what if I have the pictures separated in folders? It only displays the ones I have in My Pictures' folder...

Nice app