Stack Docklet

Stack Docklet
Submitted May 23, 2010 by michel0000
Created by Matias Moreno
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I think this is the best version
but if you want the version 2.0 [pre-beta]with new options, with new errors :(
go to
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's AvatarDicehunter (October 24):

Doesn't work properly with 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 :(

's Avatarfrankell (October 3):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

's Avatarshiva2012 (September 22):

Works with x64 when you use Link Shell Extension (freeware)

Reseting is still a problem for me, but i found a tutorial how to play around with security settings to avoid this.

I hope a final version will come soon.

's AvatarLupinePredator (August 17):

Excellent docklet - with one major issue. It will NOT work with any x64 application. Too bad - I like it, but a lot of my programs are 64-bit. :(

's AvatarHbaltiH (July 17):

Fantastic docklet

's AvatarMad_HU (July 4):

Fantastic docklet but I miss to set environment variables for my filesystem folder.
Because I use the dock portable!

's Avataryuntae (June 12):

Thanks stack dock

's Avatarchrislovesdocks (May 5):

after shutting down the computer the icons disappear ??? help (#tips)

's Avatarchrislovesdocks (May 5):

every time i close the program or i turn off my computer, the docklet resets. What do I do?!?!?!?! Someone help me please (#tips)

's Avatarashmhd (April 20):


's AvatarKrthonius (April 16):

Nice docklet! But there is few bug when it's working with dual screen.

's AvatarVasilii (April 15):

Not bad...)

's AvatarJackelAkabane (March 28):

Why I can't download them with IDM? please someone help.... :S

's Avatarground_trooper (March 18):

OK I have been using KK Menu with OD. Last week something on my system changed and all it does is give a error about being unable register/create window. I reinstalled and the same thing. So I wanna switch over to Stacks.

I have tried Stacks Docklet and Stand Alone Stacks. The stacks work in both. But I don't get Icons for the shortcuts in my stacks. I just get a White Document icon or a Windows Exe default icon.

Any ideas here?

Win 7 64bit Pro.

's Avatarteromai (February 11):

Merci au concepteur de ce docklet, j'ai un peu eu du mal à l'installer mais ça y est! C'est super! 18/20

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