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Stack Docklet
Submitted May 23, 2010 by michel0000
Created by Matias Moreno
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I think this is the best version
but if you want the version 2.0 [pre-beta]with new options, with new errors :(
go to
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's Avatarfrankell (July 16):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

's Avatarjonjonz (July 4):

Rocket Dock has a major problem with some 64 bit programs and/or some paths.

Example: short cuts will not work and give "the path cannot be found" errors.

I have a handful of other programs like this that I have to make a work around to use with rocket dock and that is to simply make a short cut to the program directory and then double click on the executable.

I love this program and have used it for years, but I wish this short comming would be addressed.

's AvatarHerchi (June 29):

I had a problem with this addon. I set a folder with this but there are some links to program that doesn't work. Where is the support? help

's Avatardino7405 (April 29):

Does anyone have the Stacks Docklet with DLL version Please email/message me if you do. Been trying to find that version, and cannot find it on this site or on the web and I've tried searching a lot!

's AvatarCharlystonJR (April 5):

Tanks man, its good

's Avatarlight4night (January 1):

thank`x a lot i wish it`s working good

's AvatarKUHoepcke (December 17, 2014):

Sorry, but i've got a problem: I Connect stack docklets with directories. And inside of these directories, there are the links to start single programmes. But sometimes the links cannot start the software. It cannot find the path of the link. If i use this link on the desktop, it works correctly. And if i try to start from the link inside a directory, it also starts correctly. But when i use the stack docklet, i get the message "The specified path was not found". I think, the error exists, because in my Win 7 (german) the real path is for example "C:\Program Files\yWorks\yEd/yEd.exe" but in the explorer, i can see
"C:\Programme\yWorks\yEd/yEd.exe" (german text). But even when i change the path in the property of the link, it also doesnt work. Does anybody know, what i have to do? Thanks a lot.
This seems to be not a forum... I will have a look here. You also can send me a mail to "".
Again: thanks a lot. Greetings from the german northseacoast: Kay-Uwe

's Avatarboszkiewicz (December 16, 2014):

this is nice grid ! ;)

's AvatarDicehunter (October 24, 2014):

Doesn't work properly with 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 :(

's Avatarfrankell (October 3, 2014):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

's Avatarshiva2012 (September 22, 2014):

Works with x64 when you use Link Shell Extension (freeware)

Reseting is still a problem for me, but i found a tutorial how to play around with security settings to avoid this.

I hope a final version will come soon.

's AvatarLupinePredator (August 17, 2014):

Excellent docklet - with one major issue. It will NOT work with any x64 application. Too bad - I like it, but a lot of my programs are 64-bit. :(

's AvatarHbaltiH (July 17, 2014):

Fantastic docklet

's AvatarMad_HU (July 4, 2014):

Fantastic docklet but I miss to set environment variables for my filesystem folder.
Because I use the dock portable!

's Avataryuntae (June 12, 2014):

Thanks stack dock

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