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Hide Taskbar
Submitted October 27, 2009 by koushh
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How many times you have thought for an application that will hide the ugly looking XP taskbar and your rocketdock dock will be the only thing that will rule your desktop in style.

The wait is over guys...!!!

Here is a small app that will hide your taskbar. This is NOT a trick like automatically hide taskbar or something so that the taskbar will return on mouse hover. It is a permanent method.

If you want to have your taskber back.. you need to run Show Taskbar utility and it will restore your taskbar as it was.

Please add this app in your system startup so that it will be eecuted automatically as soon as the system starts. It just hides your taskbar for the session and exits the app, so doesn't waste any memory as well.

Hope you guys will enjoy this app.

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I am a .NET application developer who loves to write small utilities.

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's Avatarh0pp3r (December 24, 2014):

I just want to say thanx for this proggy....

Im using Windows 8.1 64 bit ... I am impressed when anything works on my pc ESPECIALLY the taskbar in any ver. windows 8's. Got to see what else ya have on here now.... lol, Got anything you don't have posted upon here?

's Avatarmainemoose77 (December 6, 2013):

I developed a game computer for a children's hospital. I hide the taskbar with this small program by putting it in the "start" folder of the children's logon. I disabled right-click, and removed the recycle bin with registry edits. I turned on higher folder security and removed the children's permission to the desktop icons (they cannot delete or modify them). I put a shutdown button on the desktop by adding a shortcut with "shutdown -s -t 00" for a command line and used an appropriate icon. I used a program called “Alcohol 120” to load images of the CDs into virtual drives. The result was a blue screen with a picture of the hospital with more than a hundred games available. The system is quite hardened against most children (and many professionals). Thank you for your program which worked perfectly when added to the “Start” folder of the user.

's Avatarjamescopq (August 29, 2013):

ohhhh thank youuuu

's Avatarpigmuff (June 21, 2013):

Works in Windows 7 64

's Avatarskreamer (September 29, 2012):

It works.......thank you!

's Avatarwjyfg (July 3, 2012):

i'm gettin an application failed to initialize properly, after draggin the exe to the dock and clicking it.
it this not the way to do it?

's Avatarflamex (March 5, 2012):

Thanx a lot

's Avatarcelestale (July 30, 2011):

Hi, I tested this app in windows7. It hides the taskbar but not the "CIRCLE WINDOW ICON" (start button). Is that something wrong?

's Avatarjitmett (May 20, 2011):

It'work! Thanks a lot.

's Avatarterrencemy (November 10, 2010):

Hi.. I have manage to hide the taskbar but I have no idea how to unhide it. Greatly appreciate if someone other there can help me.


's Avatarterran54 (June 8, 2010):

cool. nice job. thanks man.

's AvatarDallas (December 11, 2009):


Actually, there is a problem doing it that way. You have to switch taskbar autohide on and off because if you don't, the space the taskbar takes remains when you kill it. If the space stays there unused, you might as well leave the taskbar there.

's AvatarDallas (December 4, 2009):


Thanks. Yes that works well. I should redo some instructions to do it like that.

The only nice thing about switching autohide on and off as I did in my method is that when I hide the taskbar, the Start orb glides away gracefully, and because it takes your eye, it makes it look as if the whole taskbar glides smoothly away. Using StartKiller as you suggested results in a sudden disappearance.

But it would certainly be much simpler to implement.

's AvatarExone (December 3, 2009):

Get "StartKiller" then, it removes the startorb ;D
and use "ExMenu" ( my app on this site) to access startmenu :P

Nice docklet!

's Avatarvj_antonio (November 26, 2009):

i think that better develop docklet... rly dokclet, not 2 diffrent app.
and own icons.. that changes if state of bar change ^_^
i upload it soon i think)) then dev it)