Toggle Hidden Folders on and off

Toggle Hidden Folders on and off
Submitted April 28, 2008 by Trevor1957
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This is not my coding. I would give credit to the person who wrote it but, I don't know who it was. It is so handy I thought I would share it. Just add the icon you like best to it from your own choice of icons. I use the icon in the screen shot (also not mine). Thanks to both parties for the use of their icon and code.
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's Avatarmaxbigert (November 4, 2010):

Works fine, easy to use, good ikon and sooooooo much easier then going through cmd.exe =)


's Avatarsarmo (August 9, 2010):

doesn't work

's AvatarMaiTriCks (May 8, 2010):

Check my thing out :D

iHide v1.0, Kicks Butt!

's Avatarrocketman221 (March 19, 2010):

nice it works on windows 7
if you want it to refresh the desktop add
WshShell.AppActivate "Program Manager"
WshShell.SendKeys "{F5}"
to the end of Toggle Hidden Files.vbs

's AvatarDebugg (February 22, 2010):

I Did That ! . It said, Showing Files . But , THEY'RE hidden T.T
, Doesn't work for me .

's AvatarAham Prema (January 21, 2010):

Just put the Toggle Hidden Files VBScript exe into a folder of your choice where you will not delete it. Then drag it onto the dock itself creating a copy / shortcut. Then you can change the icon in settings EASY!!!!!

's AvatarDebugg (December 15, 2009):

I can't make it work. :/
I create a shortcut and put it in the dock, and it doesn't work :S
Can someone help me ? ..

's AvatarJany (November 8, 2009):

Its very useful :) At last fast way to change this option.

's AvatarSpencman (October 21, 2009):

maybe you have disabled windows script host.
open regedit and go to regkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows Script Host\Settings

set "enabled" to Value 1.

's AvatarBrasco (April 25, 2009):

i was going to download, but Dorito dude's app does same thing and more.

his can unprotect recovery files/drives too

's AvatarAsnos (March 29, 2009):

it doesn't work on the desktop, only in windows explorer.

's Avatardebray6379 (March 4, 2009):

you are not doing anything wrong I've tried everything here and this just don't work why do you think the uploader does not respond to any questions

's Avatarxephstar (February 28, 2009):

Works like charm, thanks!!!

's Avatarmikishles7 (February 23, 2009):

I can't make it work!

can someone please explain what am i doing wrong?
I copy and extracted the file into rocketdock/docklets - and still I try to restart rocketdock, click add - and I can't sea it on the menu to install...

's Avatardebray6379 (February 22, 2009):

this must be a con I have tried almost everything and it don't work!!!!!!

if anyone knows a way to get this to work as it says it should let me know or an alternative would be good!!!!