Stacks Docklet

Stacks Docklet
Submitted December 31, 2007 by matonga
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Shows a Fan or a Grid stack, a la Leopard.
Options are be: Automatic, Fan, Grid.

See a screnshot of it here:

Help thanks to bezisdabest:

Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks:

Log in as admin to have the administrative rights.

1. Navigate to the RocketDock folder under program files...C/Program Files/RocketDock.

2. Right click on the RocketDock folder, and select properties, click the security tab at the top.

3. You should see a list of groups and user names of your pc, click edit...

4. Click on your user name..should be called "Users(your name)"

5. Check the box underneath to give yourself "Full Control", click Ok, Ok..

6. Done, your user account now has full permission to this folder...try it close the application or restart and you settings should be saved.

Download File! - More by matonga
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's Avatardino7405 (April 29):

Does anyone have the Stacks Docklet with DLL version Please email/message me if you do. Been trying to find that version, and cannot find it on this site or on the web and I've tried searching a lot!

's Avatarfrankell (March 18):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

's Avatarsp62305 (March 6):

i cant download this application :( how ?

's Avatarsp62305 (March 6):

i cant download this application :( how ?

's Avatarsp62305 (March 6):

good work, awesome.....

's AvatarTom52 (February 25):

I have found out how to use rocket dock

's Avatarallen8d (February 24):


's AvatarTom52 (February 23):

Help newby at rocket dock I have down loaded the stack docklet How do I install it in rocket dock

's Avatarkussaa (February 5):


's Avatarfligger45 (January 14):

i find that I cant use rocketdock when internet is open, lease fix this

's Avatarspokosik (December 22, 2014):

niceee im loving this stuff!

's Avatarmapexdaveg (November 27, 2014):

i cant download this application :( how ?

's Avatarsorell (November 25, 2014):

dude thanks for that!

's Avatarkontrabanda (November 25, 2014):

its very usefull skin

's Avatartanshi (November 14, 2014):

ya i m new to rocketdock how do e install things???

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