Stacks Docklet

Stacks Docklet
Submitted December 31, 2007 by matonga
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Shows a Fan or a Grid stack, a la Leopard.
Options are be: Automatic, Fan, Grid.

See a screnshot of it here:

Help thanks to bezisdabest:

Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks:

Log in as admin to have the administrative rights.

1. Navigate to the RocketDock folder under program files...C/Program Files/RocketDock.

2. Right click on the RocketDock folder, and select properties, click the security tab at the top.

3. You should see a list of groups and user names of your pc, click edit...

4. Click on your user name..should be called "Users(your name)"

5. Check the box underneath to give yourself "Full Control", click Ok, Ok..

6. Done, your user account now has full permission to this folder...try it close the application or restart and you settings should be saved.

Download File! - More by matonga
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hodger's Avatarhodger (6 days ago):

Love this however I have noticed an issue, using my laptop its fine but when I connect a second monitor it no longer works on either screen. Anyone have a solution for this?

bazinga's Avatarbazinga (7 days ago):

wow nice skin...

aniruddha's Avataraniruddha (June 22):

nice skin........i like that...........its worked for me.

startang's Avatarstartang (June 17):

let me try,why can not i download

Double's AvatarDouble (May 18):

Is there any way to prevent it from bending?

frankell's Avatarfrankell (May 15):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

zlxlp's Avatarzlxlp (May 13):

你好! 神奇的程序和插件,但我有一些麻烦:(
我使用了RocketDock栈Docklet一起。 但是当我连接第二个显示器(扩展桌面模式)——栈Docklet不开,我需要重新启动RocketDock。 但什么是错误的和菜单项“退出”不回应。 所以我重启RocketDock在任务管理器。 当我断开第二台显示器——栈Docklet不开了。

polino's Avatarpolino (April 16):

thanks voor deze up

Viamo's AvatarViamo (March 15):

Hello! Amazing program and addon, but I have some trouble :(
I use the RocketDock together with the Stacks Docklet. But when I connect a second monitor (extend the desktop mode) - the Stacks Docklet does not open at all and I need to restart the RocketDock. But something is wrong and menu item "Exit" does not respond. So I restart RocketDock in Task Manager. When I disconnect a second monitor - the Stacks Docklet does not open again.
Whether it is possible to somehow fix it?

kennomatty's Avatarkennomatty (March 7):

amazing template :)

danield's Avatardanield (February 19):

very good, tres bien

tiamojackie's Avatartiamojackie (January 10):

can't autostart in my win7 x64 system when stacksdocklet works. everything back to normal if i don't use stacksdocklet. anyone has the same problem?

code_robber's Avatarcode_robber (December 29, 2015):

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ini7i4liz4's Avatarini7i4liz4 (December 29, 2015):

It took me some time to get everything right. then after a reboot a couple of days ago, the icons within the stacks vanish and are replace with default "blank" or just a generic icon within the stacks. I have tried recreating the stacks (including the folder with the shortcuts) from scratch, but for MS office you can't change the icon on the file and sadly, rocketdock has no option for changing the icon within a stack :(

it's not just that stack, i have an adobe stack as well. I can change the icon on each shortcut but i prefer the adobe ones (until i find better ones) but changing it and setting back to the original icon has no effect... does anyone know how to resolve this?

Only thing i have not tried is deleting rocketdock & reinstalling it from scratch...

Zarathoustramp's AvatarZarathoustramp (December 28, 2015):

Merci beaucoup thank u great work...

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