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Battery meter docklet + Atama icons. v1.0.4.468a

Battery meter docklet + Atama icons. v1.0.4.468a
Submitted September 29, 2006 by Atama
18 comments, 142099 downloads
8 votes
allows you to meter teh status of your battery.
included is a zip that contains all the pngs to change the look for this docklet.
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's Avatardavidlaurie65 (December 10, 2012):

forgot to add in my previous comment that the 'charging' icon is missing

's Avatardavidlaurie65 (December 9, 2012):

Great set of icons - thanks

's AvatarBeda (August 22, 2011):

Hi all,

Did someone know how to add a shortcut on a docklet ?

Ex : I want to open my battery option when I click on the docklet

's AvatarYehor (November 21, 2009):

Thank you! That`s smart docklet for battery :)

's Avatarjmgaldamez (July 23, 2009):

Hi I have problems with this application could help me my computer does not accept that you can do or how can I install on my dock .. I leave my email is

's Avatarnokkati (June 16, 2009):

I like it very much Thank...

's Avataryohan517 (June 1, 2009):

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I can't understand your speech, hum?

's Avatarstarbreiz (March 26, 2009):

Oddly, the icons aren't showing up for me. I just see a ?. The docklet is working, and updating as my battery depletes, but I want it to be prettier. Do I need to do something special with the icons?

's Avatarzolor (March 7, 2009):

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's Avatarblakjakdavy (January 31, 2009):

Hi, I really like this app. What I'd like to know is could it be modified so that left-clicking on it brings up the power options window in vista, or its equivalent in xp?

's AvatarAndyW (October 13, 2008):

Very nice. Don't be put off by the lack of a picture. It's kind of a battery-shaped lab jar that changes colour as your power drains. It looks much better than my description :)

's AvatarKielo (August 28, 2008):

Also, just hoping it's ok if I upload this, but with my own icons.

If you don't want me to let me know I'll remove it...

Thanks for this lovely docklet

's AvatarKielo (August 28, 2008):


All you need to do is...

Extract the Zip file... Which will be a folder called battery.
Place the folder in your: C:/Windows/Rocketdock/Docklets/

Then on your rocketdock... Right click -> Add item, Battery docklet.

Hope that helped...